Heijmans finalizes take over of Ingenieursbureau Van Kleef

Heijmans N.V. (construction and related activities) has concluded the takeover of Ingenieursbureau Van Kleef B.V., which has offices in Vught, Roermond and Roosendaal. The takeover will be settled in cash.

Ingenieursbureau Van Kleef B.V.’s operations focus on advising on, designing and supervising projects in the areas of road engineering, hydraulics (including sewer system technology) and environmental and traffic engineering. The firm also has its own geodetic division. Three-quarters of their 80 employees have advanced technical educations. Their clients include municipalities, provincial and national governments, water and purification companies, project developers, contractors and urban development firms.

Van Kleef realises an average annual turnover of EUR 5 million and is highly profitable. The net profit, expressed as a percentage of the turnover, is above the Heijmans average. Van Kleef will continue to do business under its own name and the present management, and will remain independent in the market.

This acquisition fits in with Heijmans’ strategy to further expand the operations of Heijmans’ Infrastructure and Environment division.

(source: Heijmans)

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