Heijmans´s response to prosecution plans of the Public Prosecutions Department

Heijmans N.V. (construction, property development and related activities) has received notification from the Public Prosecutions Department (PPD) that it intends to prosecute in the context of the investigations into irregularities in the construction industry. Its intention is to prosecute the division Heijmans Infrastructuur B.V. as well as three individuals employed at Heijmans.

The suspicions pertain to fraud, violation of the Economic Competition Act, forgery and participation in a criminal organization, and relate to the announcements made late in 2001 regarding possible price-fixing agreements throughout the Dutch construction industry.

In the interest of a due and balanced process of law, Heijmans will avail itself of the opportunity offered by the PPD to have a limited preliminary inquiry conducted, headed by an Examining Magistrate. By means of this limited preliminary inquiry, Heijmans can and will convey its views regarding the PPM´s intentions. On the basis of the complete case file, the PPM will then take its final decision.

Guus Hoefsloot, Chairman of the Executive Board of Heijmans, responded as follows: 'Heijmans was one of the first companies in the industry to crack down on irregularities, among other things by implementing a code of conduct, setting up a code of conduct committee and introducing measures to ensure that history will not repeat itself. For example, each quotation is now accompanied by signed statements that no restrictive trade practices have taken place. Clearly, it goes without saying that Heijmans will wholeheartedly endorse a code of conduct for the industry as a whole.'

Source: Heijmans N.V.

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