Grontmij involved in setting up Near Shore Wind Park

Grontmij has been selected by the North Sea Wind (NSW) consortium to erect the MER on their behalf for the setting up of the Near Shore Wind Park. This consortium, which consists of Shell WindEnergy, NUON Duurzame Energie and WEOM, is one of the candidates for the realisation of the first Near Shore Wind Park in the Netherlands. They have submitted a plan for the construction of 36 windmills before the coast of Egmond aan Zee with a total capacity of 99 Megawatt.

The decision to build such a wind park was taken by the cabinet last year. One of the notable details in this project is the total expenditure, from formulation of the plan (WIS-1) to realisation and operation (WIS-4/5). NSW?s plan makes optimal allowance for nature and environmental, health and safety requirements and economic feasibility. When the park becomes operational in 2003, it will provide durable energy for 110,000 households.

The park is, however, primarily a demonstration project, intended to generate information for the construction of wind parks further from the coast, in the North Sea, in the future. The aspects involved here include the effect on birds and the underwater ecosystem, public perception, technical specifications and economic considerations.

(source: Grontmij)

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