Grispini & Partners opens Dublin Office (IT)

Grispini & Partners (a major legal player in the Italian Real Estate
market) will open its Dublin Offices from the middle of June 2005. The office will be headed by Finbarr Bryant and Chiara Del Frate and it will complement the five operative studios in Rome and Milan. Working closely with Government bodies from both sides of the divide, Grispini Dublin, will develop to be the first fully integrated Italian law firm in Dublin and further enhance the initiatives of Avv Leonardo Grispini in North America and Northern Europe.

Grispini & Partners, has specialized in Due Diligence, Acquisition and Disposal of the primary real estate portfolios in Italy since 1986, and has already, since January 2005, completed a real estate portfolio due diligence valued in excess of €2 billion. This figure is expected to double by the end of the year with the ever growing opportunities in the Public and Private Sectors, and international clients and investors will be serviced directly from the new Dublin offices.

The Dublin office will also develop Pan-European cooperation, harmonize cross border transactions, and bridge the diverse legal disciplines and language barriers for Anglo-Italian speaking clients; Finbarr Bryant, commenting, extended a special thanks to Grispini's advisors in Dublin, LHM Casey McGrath, and the continued global client support received for the project. He further added that "Grispini Dublin is focused on creating a professional environment where language is a communication tool and not a barrier."

Source: Grispini

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