Good results for Nieuwe Steen over first 9 months

Nieuwe Steen Investments booked good results over the first three quarters of 2003. Direct investment result per share increased 2% to EUR 1.02 (2002: EUR 1.00). Direct investment result increased with EUR 2.6 mln to EUR 33.2 mln as a result of recent acquisitions and rental price increases. For 2003 management expects a direct investment result of at least € 1.34 per share.

Indirect investment result (profit on sales of real estate) amounted to EUR 4.6 mln (2002: € 6 mln). The indirect investment result decreased to EUR 0.14 per share (2002: EUR 0.20).

Total investment result per share decreased to EUR 1.16 (2002: EUR 1.20).

(source: Nieuwe Steen Investments)

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