Golf course in former tabacco plant

Playing golf in a former tabacco plant. The canteen of the former tabacco plant of Van Nelle in Rotterdam will be transformed in to an indoor practice range, at least, if business man Peter Floor will have his way.

According to Floor discussions are almost finalized. He aims for businesses which want their staff or guests to play golf and for private individuals who want to practice their swing indoor.

The practice range will have a specially designed artificial grass turf. Also outside further practice facilities will be developed. Van Nelle Indoor Golf could employ up to ten people, mainly in the restaurant and pro-shop.

Untill 1997 the factory was used by Van Nelle as one of its main tabacco plants. The building is being regarded as one of the most important pre-war New Construction buildings in the Netherlands.

Management is presently in the hands of the partnership Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, which promised an innovative 24-hours new usage for the plant. Hospitality services, culture and special events will have to make up the ideal mix of functions in the to-be-redeveloped plant.

(source: Ondernemen!)

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