Fortis buys centerplan Etten-Leur

Developmentcombination Centrumplan Etten-Leur has sold the new centerplan Etten-Leur to Fortis Vastgoed for the amount of approx. € 40 million.

The developmentcombination is realizing a new citycenter with approx. 16.000 m² of shops and catering establishments, 11.000 m² of office space, 391 houses and an underground parking garage with 1.000 parking spaces. Next to the real estate program the project also entails the development and realization of the public space, being 2 squares on each side of the plan; a marketsquare (with mostly catering establishments) and a shoppingsquare.

The centerplan Etten-Leur is situated in an area which became available in 1999 because of the deflection of the busy highway N58 and the move of the adjacent business parks. For over 35 years the regional highway divided the city before it was deflected in 1999 to the south of the town. The combination of Johan Matser Projectontwikkeling, BAM Vastgoed and BVR Projectontwikkeling won the European tender in 1999 and started the development in 2000.

The investment contains 16.000 m² of lettable shopping space divided over 50 units ranging from 100 to 875 m² and a supermarket of 3.000 m². At the moment approx. 80 % of the shopping space has been let and the remaining 20% has many possible options.

The project is being built at the moment. The total project comprises several phases and should be completely ready in 2005.

Source: Johan Matser Projectontwikkeling

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