First SevenAges Senior Care Guesthouse™ to open in Amsterdam (NL)

First SevenAges Senior Care Guesthouse™ to open in Amsterdam (NL)

Tolstraat 75, Amsterdam’s first SevenAges Senior Care Guesthouse™, will officially open its doors. The official opening will take place on November 28th. The most popular elderly man in the Netherlands, Sinterklaas, will be in attendance and, according to the latest rumours, may even stay the night for a few nights.


Sylvian Nijhuis, General Manager: "Tolstraat 75 is a new and innovative place for the elderly or others who temporarily need extra help and care. For a night, or a few weeks, or just to drop by in our Neighborhood Lobby™ during the day, for a chat, and a cup of coffee. A hotel with care, or a care facility that feels like a good and nice hotel." "We are also very pleased that Sinterklaas, the most popular elderly man of the Netherlands, will be present at the official opening. Hopefully, he will stay the night as well."


The guest house, located at Tolstraat 75 in Amsterdam, is open to a wide range of situations where overnight or daycare is needed.


Jop Hamelynck, one of the directors of the Stichting Logeerhuizen said: "Tolstraat 75 is an initiative of the Stichting Logeerhuizen Amsterdam, a non-profit foundation that aims to provide (temporary) guest care, SevenAges – an impact investor that finances and develops the real estate and supports the foundation in a broader sense, Cordaan – the largest healthcare organization in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, and the City of Amsterdam."


Naboth van den Broek, one of the Managing Partners of SevenAges said: "Demand is really high. Throughout the Netherlands, we see that people need these kinds of solutions. We are trying to find and develop more locations as soon as possible. In the coming years, SevenAges Care Hotels will also be established in other places, both in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the country. We already have a number of locations in the pipeline. But Tolstraat 75 is the first one and we are very proud that it is now officially open."


Image source - Pexels.


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