FGH Bank and De Lage Landen Vastgoedfinancieringen join forces

Last Friday, January 30, a purchase agreement was made between FGH Bank N.V. and De Lage Landen International B.V. regarding the sale of De Lage Landen Vastgoedfinanciering to FGH Bank. Both enterprises are part of the Rabobank Groep. The name De Lage Landen Vastgoedfinancieringen will disappear, and its activities will continue within the real estate organization FGH Bank, which will therefore expand its activities. This integration means a joining of financing activities within the Rabobank Groep in the area of commercial real estate.

Because of the strong resemblance in service between De Lage Landen Vastgoedfinanciering and FGH Bank, both real estate specialists are joining forces. FGH Bank offers several forms of financing mainly to project developers and institutional and private investors in commercial real estate. De Lage Landen Vastgoedfinanciering is primarily aimed at users, but real estate investments and real estate lease are also important elements of its services. The strongest similarities with FGH Bank occur in the area of investment financing. This powerful combination further strengthens the position of FGH Bank on the Dutch market for commercial real estate. For the local branches of Rabobank, an important distribution channel of the Lage Landen Vastgoedfinanciering, there is now one window for all financing matters in the area of commercial real estate.

The management board of FGH Bank will remain the same and will be executed by Mr. P.C. Keur, chairman of the management board and Mr. F.B. Overdijk RA.

Mr Peter Keur comments: “With the integration of De Lage Landen Vastgoedfinanciering, FGH Bank now has everything at its disposal in the area of financing of commercial real estate. We can now give an excellent answer to every possible question in this area.”

Mr. Karel Schellekens, chairman of the management board of De Lage Landen: “For De Lage Landen it was essential that the integration would lead to an improvement of the services provided by the local Rabobank offices. The knowledge of the employees of De Lage Landen Vastgoedfinanciering has also been transferred to FGH Bank. This new combination leads to a broadening of the product package with which the local branches of Rabobank can now be served even more efficiently.”

Source: FGH Bank

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