Fadesa & Anjoca win contract for residential, holiday and commercial project in Tangiers (ES/MAR)

The property companies FADESA and ANJOCA have been awarded the contract for a major residential, holiday and commercial project in the Moroccan city of Tangiers, promoted by the Moroccan Government via the public body responsible for the promotion of the Bahía de Tánger, SNABT.

With an overall investment that will amount to €89.45 million, Tánger City Center is a new building concept located around Tangiers' main boulevard, right in the city centre next to the train station. Facing the Bahía de Tánger, the project has an area of 3.4 hectares and a built area of 226,678 m2.

The residential area will comprise of 600 units, approximately distributed over three blocks, which will occupy a built area of 75,572 m2. Likewise, the new development will have three 3, 4 and 5 star hotels respectively that will offer a total of 1,440 beds. In addition to all this, there is also an office building, a large shopping centre and leisure facilities, with a total area of 32,000 m2.

With an avant-garde design, the project will also incorporate typical features from the local architecture, offering a contrast that will contribute a new image to the city centre, as well as becoming a driving force for Tangiers.

Source: Fadesa

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