Estatius acquires interest in Swedish NVM Profilator

Estatius has acquired an interest of 30% in the Nordic Center Management (NCM) Profilator. This Swedish concern is active in the areas of consultancy, plan development and real estate management. Estatius is, through this interest in NCM Profilator, now also active in Scandinavia as management organization in the real estate area.

NCM Profilator was set up in 1971. For almost 20 years NCM was mostly active in Sweden as a relatively small player in the area of management and consultancy. In the nineties NCM got into joint ventures and the Nordic Center Management network was formed. At the moment NCM Profilator is active in the Scandinavian countries and Latvia.

Estatius, a joint venture on a fifty-fifty base between the Dutch WPM Group and the British Donaldsons, has got about 30 shopping centers under management since its start in 2001. The European shopping center manager is meanwhile active in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Germany and Belgium. The acquired interest in NCM Profilator now expands this list to Norway and Sweden. In Poland and the Czech Republic Estatius is about to become the largest manager.

Source: Vastgoedmarkt

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