ECP not in new Midkap-index (NL)

Despite expectations Eurocommercial Properties will not be taken up in the newly re-scaled Midkap-index as of March 2. From the real estate sector, only AM will join. The weight of Rodamco Europe has increased from 9.51% to 13.01% keeping it by far the largest fund in the Midkap. The weight of the real estate sector in the Midkap has increased from 30.47% to 34.84% as of March 2.

Eight out of the 25 funds in the Midkap-index are from the construction and real estate sector. Developer AM will have a weight of 1.79%, Royal BAM Group 1.82%, Corio 7.58%, Heijmans 2.02%, Rodamco Europe 13.01%, VastNed Retail 3.06% and Wereldhave 5.56%.

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