Echo along with Signal and Griffin to develop energy-efficient student housing (PL)

Echo along with Signal and Griffin to develop energy-efficient student housing (PL)

Echo Investment established a joint subsidiary with Signal Capital Partners and Griffin Capital Partners, which over the next three is to commence the development of modern, energy-efficient accommodation units specifically designed to house 5000 students in the university cities of Poland. 


As WING’s subsidiary, Echo Investment continues to expand its residential real estate development activities. The company is one of the biggest operators on the Polish market, in both the residential property sale (Resi4Sale) and rental (Resi4Rent) segments. As a co-investor and developer, we now wish to enter the student housing segment, which is in high demand on the market. This sets the conditions for the rapid growth of the new line of business. Our goal is to provide a large number of modern and sustainable housing solutions for students in Polish university cities, based on our experience in the field of residential real estate development. The initial developments are set to commence in Warsaw and Krakw and are scheduled to be completed by September 2025. At the same time, we have also started exploring the possibilities for further potential construction sites in Wroclaw, Tri-City and Poznan. This move will further consolidate the group’s presence on the real estate market in the region and bring us closer to our goal of becoming Europe’s leading real estate firm,” said Noah Steinberg, Chairman & CEO of WING Zrt.


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