EasyETF EPRA Eurozone has been awarded Most innovative ETF in Europe

EasyETF EPRA Eurozone has just been awarded Most innovative ETF in Europe for 2005 at the Global ETF Awards organized by International Fund Investment (IFI) and exchangetradedfunds.com. The fund’s selection is based on 114 organizational votes from ETF industry (investors, distributors, liquidity providers, administrators). 45% of votes came from United-States, 37% from Europe and 18% from Asia-Pacific region.

The FTSE EPRA Eurozone Index was launched in May 2000 in response to the demand for a real estate focused real-time index based on clear criteria. The index is managed and constructed by real-estate professionals, and EPRA is considered to be the leading benchmark for this asset class by investors.

Since its launch in December 2004, the EasyETF EPRA Eurozone has a performance of +24.64% and totals €105 million in assets under management. The EasyETF EPRA Eurozone began trading on the NextTrack segment of Euronext on 2 December 2004.

EasyETF EPRA Eurozone is part of the broader EasyETF range, which is the brand name of AXA IM and BNP Paribas’ joint range of ETFs. AXA IM and BNP Paribas (via its subsidiaries BNP Paribas Asset Management and Harewood Asset Management) recently joined forces to back the EasyETF range. The 16 trackers of the range will benefit from AXA IM and BNP Paribas expertise in fund management and market making, as well as the complementary distribution networks of their investment bank and fund management companies.

Source: EPRA

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