Dutch real estate worth 1.2 trillion euro

On 1 January 2002 real estate in the Netherlands was worth a total 1,160 billion euro. The value of residential buildings was 877 billion euro, other real estate was worth 284 billion euro.

Residential buildings accounted for 76 percent of the total value of real estate, up from 70 percent five years previously. This means that the increase in value was stronger for dwellings than for non-residential real estate. In the period 1997–2002 the value of houses increased by 75 percent. Non-residential buildings upped their value by 31 percent. There are more 7.8 million pieces of real estate in the Netherlands, 84 percent of which are residential.

Average house value 131 thousand euro
Eight out of ten dwellings are worth between 50 thousand and 200 thousand euro. The average value was 131 thousand euro. In 1997 this was 79 thousand euro.

The average value of dwellings is below 100 thousand euro in ten percent of municipalities, while the ten percent richest municipalities have average house values of 189 thousand euro or more.

The average house value differs substantially between municipalities. The average value in the richest municipality is five times that in the poorest.

Eight out of ten municipalities with the lowest average house values are in the province of Groningen. Six out of ten with the highest house values are in North Holland.

(source: StatLine)

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