Dubai to build $1,7 billion golf paradise (DU)

The Gulf state Dubai is to invest an enormous amount in order to reinforce its position as tourist attraction in the Middle-East. The coming years, the emirate will invest $1.7 billion dollar (approx. €1.4 billion) for the construction of an extensive golf complex. That's what the developers involved announced last Sunday.

The 5.1 km² golf site to be built, named Golf City, will consist of five golf courses. In addition, the developers Benaa and Dubailand, the Dubai variant of Disneyland, intend to develop a golf academy, a six star hotel residence and several souks (indoor markets).

Dubai has 1.2 million inhabitants, from which one million are foreigners. In 2004, some 5.4 million tourists visited the emirate. Within the next five years, the number of tourists should be tripled.

Source: De Financiële Telegraaf

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