DTZ launches new European property information tool

DTZ has launched ´DTZ navigator´, an internet-based tool for access to information about investment in European property vehicles. The DTZ navigator for European Indirect Property Vehicles is a project of the European Indirect Vehicles Group (EIVG) comprising DTZ Corporate Finance and DTZ Consulting & Research. The product is focused on providing access to information on vehicles that invest in European property.

As part of an overall objective of assisting the increasing market transparency in the indirect vehicle arena, the DTZ navigator is free of charge to all users. It enables searches to be made for details of some 400 European property funds, whether listed or unlisted, provides direct and immediate links to the websites of the individual funds and can be accessed on dtzcorporatefinance.com.

DTZ intends to grow aggressively the number of funds covered by the DTZ navigator and will welcome contributions from the market in this regard.

Announcing the launch of DTZ navigator, Christopher Nicolle, Head of DTZ´s European Indirect Vehicles Group, said: 'The DTZ navigator represents real tangible evidence of our significant expertise in the field of indirect investment. I very much hope that it will see wide scale adoption and usage by the European property industry as a whole.'

According to DTZ Research, holdings of European private property vehicles have grown 38% in relation to two years previously. Private property vehicles´ holdings are now in excess of €365 billion. German open- and closed-ended funds as well as opportunity funds drive the European market. The French REIT and the possibility of a REIT type of vehicle in the United Kingdom should in due course offer new opportunities in the market.

Source: DTZ

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