DTZ also active in Switzerland (CH)

In line with DTZ's aim to be a complete and pan-European service provider, DTZ has signed agreements with Brolliet in Geneva and Seitzmeir in Zürich. Both companies will continue as DTZ Switzerland.

Brolliet (established in 1903) and Seitzmeir (established in 1917) are both well known names with a good reputation in the top segment of the market. Brolliet employs 105 people and manages 550 buildings, 12,000 houses and approx. 2,000 offices, business space, warehouses and industrial buildings. It offers a complete package of advisory and broker services.

Seitzmeir has 30 employees and realizes 65% of its income from real estate management and 24% from transactions. Both companies have a network of contacts covering Switzerland.

DTZ has been very active in Switzerland in the last months, locally supported by Brolliet and Seitzmeir.

Source: DTZ International

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