Deka Immobilioen introduces first global open-ended real estate fund

Deka Immobilien Investment introduces its first global real estate investment fund. Â'Deka-ImmobilGlobalÂ' prelimanary focises on the Asia/Pacific region and North America, with some 55% of total investments. Europe accounts for 40% and the remaining 5% in Latin America.

In the Asia/Pacific region Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney are the spearpoints of DekaÂ's global fund. In the U.S. and Europe main focus will be on the new economic regions. In Latin America only Mexico is of any interest due to its proximity to the U.S. The fund will mainly invest in office complexes, industrial estates and in shopping centers.

Despite the volatile world economy, Deka expects to be profitable during its first year. Exchange rates risks will be covered. Initial yield is 5.6%.

(source: Deka)

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