Decisions about the project of Chamart

The decisions about the project of Chamartín, with the Paseo de la Castellana extension, was one of the topics that the local Government expected to handle two weeks ago, but the governing body was adjourned as a result of the terrorist attacks. It was postponed to yesterday, but finally, because of the Government change, the decision has been postponed again, with no date.

Yesterday, PSOE asked the Town Planning councillor, Pío García Escudero, to not to approve the project, because such an important projects needs the supervision from the new Fomento Ministry, who will be pointed by José Luis Zapatero, the new Spanish President.

According to the socialist councillor, Félix Arias, “the project of Chamartín demands an audit about economy and town planning by the new Spanish Goverment”.

Operation Chartin, one of Spain’s most important urban campaigns, involves the transformation of the face of the capital’s north zone. The projects, which was bogged down for years in the courts and civil srvice red tape, envisages the exploitation of an erea spanning three million square meters in the north of the capital. It omprises sinking the rail tracks that leads to Chamartin station underground, and the construction of over 26,000 homes and 15,000 office toweres. It will also provide Madrid with 400,000 m² of green areas.

Source: Spanish Real Estate/Europe Real Estate

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