Cooperation agreement Hart van Zuid (Hengelo)

The municipality of Hengelo, Heijmans IBC Vastgoedontwikkeling and Van Wijnen Groep have signed the cooperation agreement for the development of Hart van Zuid, a redevelopment area of 50 hectare near the railwaystation in Hengelo.

The area between the station and the canal can be redeveloped because Stork is concentrating its activities on a smaller area. The development is aiming to realize 1700 houses, 17.000 m² retail, 100,000 m² offices, 70,000 m² industrial and 55,000 m² Regionaal Opleidingscentrum (Regional Educationcenter) with community college. Also a leisure area should be developed next to the railway.

The first building to be built is the Regionaal Opleidingscentrum, delivery expected in 2006. In the area a lot of industrial heritage is present because of the long presence of Stork which will be maintained as much as possible. The municipality itself will invest € 22.5 mln. in the plan.

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