Coolsingeltoren in Rotterdam cancelled (NL)

The plan for the development of the Coolsingeltoren (Coolsingel Tower) on the site of the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) has been cancelled. Bouwfonds, the former SFB and Willemsen Minderman Vastgoed Ontwikkeling are unable to finalize the plans for the 187-meter high building (215 meters including mast).

At first there was a plan for 40,000 m² of office space and 2,000 m² of retail and restaurants but later on half of the surface would be used for houses and a hotel. Now the plans have been postponed since the parties were unable to find a tenant. The developers had been given until December 15 to present a tenant for the building to the municipality. They have been unable to do this.

The tower would also have a new theater of 650 seats. Alderman Pastors of City Development will now investigate what to do with the location. The future of the Luxor Theater will also involved in possible new plans.

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