Companies want new industrial park near Eemnes

Companies in Soest, Bunschoten and Baarn insist on a new industrial park in the polder near Eemnes. Despite the resisitance by the City Council of Eemnes and the present economic climate, the companies will try to get approval of the plans with the Province of Utrecht.

The plan for the new industrial park, located in the armpit of highways A1 and A27 was introduced by the Chamber of Commerce Gooi- and Eemland in May this year.

The plan is to realize an industrial park on 40 hectares south-east of the village of Eemnes. The park should host companies from the four neighbouring villages, which are short of space. Some 100 companies should be able to settle down here.

It is the intention of the companies to have the plan incorporated in the new zoning plan 2005-2015, which the Province of Utrecht will discuss in the course of next year.

(source: Utrechts Nieuwsblad)

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