Closing of Gecina's offer on Simco maintained on 22 October 2002

In its decision dated 16 October 2002, the Paris Court of Appeal has rejected the requests for delaying the closing date of GECINA’s public offer on SIMCO filed in the context of the litigations against the Conseil des Marchés Financiers’ decision to authorize the offer (“recevabilité”).

Consequently, the Conseil des Marchés Financiers announced today that the closing date of GECINA’s offer is maintained on 22 October 2002.

Holders of SIMCO securities acquired before 18 October 2002 have until 22 October 2002 included to tender such securities to GECINA’s offer through their financial intermediaries or through SIMCO for securities held in purely registered form (“nominatif pur”).

Final results of the offer will be published by the Conseil des Marchés Financiers on 4 November 2002 at the latest. Settlement should take place approximately twelve to fifteen trading days after the closing of the offer, i.e. in mid-November at the latest.

On 29 August 2002, GECINA launched a public offer on SIMCO and issued an offer prospectus which was published on 18 September 2002 (visa COB n° 02-1023).

(source: Gecina)

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