City of Emmen: Masterplan Bahco approved

The City of Emmen approved Masterplan Bahco. This masterplan is an integral approach to restructure industrial park Bargermeer. The plan comprises a view until 2020 and a strategic action plan. It will serve as the basis of further planning within the Bahco project. Bahco is a PPS (private-public cooperation) between local authorities and private companies, whereby the City Council is the initiator.

Based on todayÂ's problems, future opportunities and present initiatives the action plan comprises nine different action points, which will be further developed and implemented. Masterplan Bahco will be submitted to the City Council for further planning, after which all parties will be presented with the plan. Further proposals in line with the masterplan will be presented to the City Council during the course of the project.

(source:Municipality of Emmen)

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