City of Deventer to invest EUR 85 mln in housing, infrastructure and inner city

The city of Deventer wants to be an entrpeneurial city. The city wants to reinvest the revenues from the city in the city through its real estate company. This reinvestment in spatial-fysical development is estimated at EUR 85 mln until 2010

Almost EUR 4.5 mln is for infrastructure (new industrial park and major road improvements); EUR 2.8 mln for the renovation of the city center; EUR 3.0 mln for the Havenkwartier district improvements.

Another EUR 5.0 will have to be reserved for medium-term planning proposals in other infrastructural works, of which the actual costs are yet unknown, but estimated as Â'several million EurosÂ'. Improvement of inner city parking facilities and the development of additional office parks each require another EUR 5 mln.

The City Council wants to use the profits of its real estate department to finance the various investments. As soon as these profits become availible, the newly developped plans may be implemented immediately.

The total study would require EUR 10.0 mln.

(source: Municipality of Deventer)

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