City of Almere will build less new houses after 2005

Almere is not yet a city in balance. Accessibility does not keep up with urban development. Job increases and social services can not keep up with the present pace of housing developments.

Almere excels in the development of residential areas and business parks, but diversification in housing, working and services level is still very limited. Therefore, the City Council has decided to decrease the number of new houses being build annualy after 2005.

Until 2010 the improvement of infrastructure (road and railways) has absolute top priority. Measurements to increase employment and increase the level of social services have to be implemented vigorously.

Quality and diversification in housing projects have now become necessary. Almere changes. Initially Almere was inhabited by young families, whose children now, after 25 years, want to live independently themselves in Almere. This requires more one-person-household accommodations

In slowing down the production of new housing projects, this would leave space for renovation and transformation projects, alleviates traffic congestion and favors the living-working balance.

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(source: City of Almere)

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