CB Richard Ellis and DTZ win Slough Estates contract

Slough Estates has announced that CB Richard Ellis and DTZ have been appointed as valuers for its £7.2bn UK property portfolio. The assets will be split 60-40 in CBRE´s favour, which will be responsible for Slough Trading Estate and other principal assets.

CB Hillier Parker and Insignia Richard Ellis acted as valuers prior to their merger last month, although the newly merged firm had to undergo a thorough tendering process to be appointed this time round.

David Tudor and David Martin, formerly from Insignia and CB Hillier Parker respectively, will remain on the team valuing the portfolio. Insignia´s former Account Director, Edward Luker, will continue in the role for CBRE.

DTZ´s team includes Peter Stoughton-Harris as lead director, and Chairman Robert Peto as Audit Director.

Luker commented that selection 'was a very rigorous process. There are no free instructions. We had to go through the full process with everyone else. We were being tested in our new format and we´re very pleased.'

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