Catella Corporate Finance chosen financial advisor to Enlight (SE)

Catella Corporate Finance was selected financial advisor when Enlight – listed on the O-list on the Stockholm Stock Exchange – completed a number of transactions, with the purpose of increasing the value for its owners. Provided that the extra general meeting, to be held on 18 August, approves of the proposal, these transactions will result in the present Enlight shareholders becoming owners in two companies.

Enlight's present operations will be transferred to a new company, Enlight International, which will be shifted over to the shareholders. The new company will also be strengthened financially with about MSEK 8. The Enlight Board estimates that the new company will be listed on Nya Marknaden (in Stockholm) around 1 September this year.

Also, a new property company - Fastighets AB Balder – is being created through the public limited company that contains Enlight's present operations. Balder will initially own properties with a combined market value of about MSEK 2,000 and have equity of some MSEK 600

Present owners of Enlight will have a combined share in Balder of 5.5 per cent, and an additional 1.5 per cent through Enlight.

"It is the firm belief of the Enlight Board that the suggested transactions will increase the value for Enlight's shareholders. The present core operations will be financially strengthened, and at the same time, the owners become shareholders in a listed property company. This is also positive for our clients, partners and employees" commented Enlight's Chairman of the Board, Lars Ahlberg.

Source: Catella

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