Carnisse Veste wins NRWs Annual Award (NL)

During the annual meeting last Thursday April 8, the NRW (Dutch Council of Shopping Centers) Annual Award was presented for the 16th time. The new shopping center in Barendrecht, Carnisse Veste, won the award.

The center consists of 15,600 m² of retail space, 233 houses and 750 parking spaces. The project was developed by Rodamco Nederland Winkels BV, owner is Rodamco Europe (retail) and Amvest (residential). The architect was Atelier Pro Hans van Beek in cooperation with Gerard Smit, GDA International BV designed the project and the management of the center is done by VP&A Vastgoedmanagement.

Carnisse Veste won the NRW (Dutch Council of Shopping Centers) Annual Award.

Jury report
When judging the entered projects, the way in which the project contributes to the qualitative development of shopping centers in the Netherlands, plays an important role. For 2005, more than in preceding years, the jury decided when judging the projects to emphasize on the users side of the shopping center. After all, the consumers decide whether or not a project is visited and therefore plays an important role in the determination of the winner by the jury.

The jury has stated that Carnisse Veste is highly appreciated by the entrepreneurs established in the center. The center is perfectly integrated in its surroundings and has taken a strong position in the local retail environment in a short period of time. The jury was impressed by the way in which the natural difference in height is used. In an innovative way, the grocery shopping is placed on the lower level and separated from shopping on the upper level. A big advantage is that the residents, the shopping public and the entrepreneurs are not burdened by the provisioning of the stores. The jury also thought the design of the center, the use of materials and the playful illumination were inspiring.

Honourable mention for Bos en Lommerplein
This new project is situated in Amsterdam and was developed by AM Vastgoed (retail) and Hillen & Roosen (residential). Fortis Vastgoed Beleggingen is the owner of the center.

According to the jury, the Bos en Lommerplein was developed in a qualitative eminent way into a complete submunicipality center. The jury is impressed by how the complex project has been built under difficult circumstances. The center has a large variety of native and foreign shops. The jury appreciates the intense cooperation between the developer, the investor, the entrepreneurs organization and the local authorities, mainly the submunicipality Bos en Lommer. The Bos en Lommerplein is a stimulating example of the economical and social innovation and gives an impulse to further investments in the area. According to the jury, this is an initiative which should be encouraged.

Source: NRW

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