CapMan turned Carlsbergbyen warehouse into modern office building (DK)

CapMan turned Red Warehouse into modern office building (DK)

CapMan Real Estate’s Red Warehouse is completed, welcoming Boston Consulting Group Denmark (BCG) into a new distinctive office space. CapMan Real Estate has finalised the rebuild of Red Warehouse in Carlsbergbyen, transforming the 140-year-old building from a warehouse and workshop to a modern distinctive office space. The building's sole tenant, BCG Denmark, who has been a vital partner throughout the rebuild, started their move-in process on 1st September.


The finalized space plays homage to the building’s history, showcasing state-of-the-art interior design that successfully combines the qualities of the original building from 1883 and merges them with new design solutions that ensure a unique design. The office space covers 6,000m2 over three floors in addition to a basement space of 4,600m2 which was converted to hold a gym as well as a large TED-like audience presentation room. The building is topped off by a 700m2 rooftop terrace and bar with space to do outside sports and views across the city.


The project has been in progress since 2019, and all details of the house are exclusively designed, featuring numerous artistic elements such as the central staircase. The house, in general, has been completed with a high level of fit-out.


From the start, we knew this project was going to be special. Performing such a comprehensive renovation in a historical building like this holds huge opportunities but also its challenges. The results we see today are a direct result of a tight collaboration between professionals who all played an important part in this. I especially want to thank Steen Niebling from SN Consult, Mikkel Westfall, Natasja Cornelius and the team at Act Architects, Ulrik Larsen from REVCO, SWECO, and BCG for working with us on this memorable project”, said Peter Gill, Partner, Head of CapMan Real Estate Denmark.


We are thrilled to move into our new premises. The results speak for themselves. Our objective was to establish a unique domicile for our valued employees to give them the best circumstances to excel. Throughout this project, in collaboration with CapMan, SN Consult, Act Architects, BRIQ, REVCO, and SWECO, we have devised solutions that we firmly believe will significantly enhance and elevate the office experience for our employees. The Red Warehouse stands as our new inspiring office that fosters a vibrant community where we solve the biggest problems," shared Ulrik Sanders, Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG.

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