Building activities Den Haag Nieuw Centrum to start soon (NL)

Surrounding the Central Station of The Hague, the first building activities for the project Den Haag Nieuw Centrum will start in August. The building will start with the rebuilding of the tram platform in the station hall and with the demolition of the Anna van Bueren parking garage.

RandstadRail will start on the tram platform in August based on a design by the architect agency Bethem Crouwel. This plan is the first part of a total renewal of the station. The demolition of the parking garage will give room for a new square, where Babylon can develop from an inward facing shopping center to an attractive and multifunctional center in the Central Station area.

Babylon will not be demolished and rebuilt, but will be surrounded by new high rise. Two housing towers of 140 meters and 90 meters will be built on Babylon after a design by the architect agency Meijer en Van Schooten. The two new towers will partly define the renewed skyline of The Hague.

In 2003 the Masterplan was presented and now the Municipality and the developer, a cooperation between IMCA Vastgoed and Bouwfonds Property Finance, are close to signing the cooperation agreement.

For the square in front of the station, the Koningin Julianaplein, the architect agency OMA, of Rem Koolhaas, has come up with a groundbreaking plan. The syndicate KJ-plein, a combination of NS Vastgoed and AM Vastgoed, are developing this plan at the moment and will make a final proposal to the Municipality.

The developing parties are investing over € 500 million in the new station area. The Municipality will invest an amount of approx. € 100 million. The State will contribute € 128 million.

Source: Vastgoedmarkt

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