BAM profit up by 18%

Koninklijke BAM Groep increased it´s profits over 2002 by 18% to EUR. 47,6 million. The company exceeded it´s own expectations of a rise in profit by a minimum of 10 percent.

Company turnover increased by 23% to EUR. 3,579 million. Without the effect of acquisitions annual turnover would have decreased by 2%. HBG, acquired in November last year, was included in the figures for a period of 6 weeks, amounting to EUR. 654 million.

Profit per share rose from 12% to EUR. 4,35. Of that profit EUR. 1.55 will be paid as dividend, the same amount as last year. BAM ex[ects to pay a larger profit per share over 2003, taken into account the fact that the number of shares has increased by 3.3 million to 13.9 million.


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