Atisreal sets up an International Research team: Atisreal International Research

Leading European real estate consultancy Atisreal has launched an International Research team in order to capitalise on its knowledge of the European and North-American real estate markets.

Atisreal International Research will publish annual reports on all real estate market sectors, based on its detailed analysis of Europe’s leading national markets.

Located in Paris, the International Research team is headed by Marie Chevallier. With a degree in Geography, and a Masters degree in Urban Development, Marie graduated from the Paris’ Centre de Perfectionnement des Affaires (CPA), and is member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). Marie joined Auguste-Thouard in 1990 as an investment consultant, prior to working for the company’s Consulting team.

The International Research team also includes Cécile Blanchard, a trilingual investment market specialist. Cécile was previously Deputy Director of research at Jones Lang LaSalle in Hamburg. She has an engineering diploma in Communications and Marketing from the university Paris XIII.

Marie Chevallier’s new responsibilities as head of Atisreal International Research mean that, from 1 April, she will be passing on her role as head of Atisreal Auguste-Thouard’s French research team to Christophe Pineau. A graduate of Grenoble’s Institut for Political Sciences and Doctor of Economics, Christophe joined Atisreal Auguste-Thouard in 2001 as Deputy Director of Research. Christophe previously worked as economist for Rexecode, a leader in French Studies Institute where he was responsible for the “Real estate-construction” Club.

Source: Atisreal

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