Assura launches the development of €13m Ambulance Hub (GB)

Assura: Ambulance Hub

Assura began the development of a €12.69m Ambulance Hub in Bury St Edmunds. In partnership with East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) the 2,900m2 facility will act as a "make-ready" central reporting hub, while housing training facilities and space for 33 ambulances.


The facility is designed to be fully net zero carbon in operation. The Ambulance Hub will see the installation of smart technologies, including over 1,000m2 photovoltaic (PV) panels, with the aim that all expected energy demand is met through the renewable energy generated on-site. These measures will radically reduce the carbon emissions and footprint of the facility, with the scheme designed to achieve BREEAM certification of "Excellent" and an EPC rating of A+. Construction of the Ambulance Hub in Bury St Edmunds is expected to take 14 months.


Jonathan Murphy, our CEO, said: "This fantastic project in Bury St Edmunds will help East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust to deliver an efficient and essential service to the local population. It forms part of our continued purpose to develop quality facilities that improve health services in a community setting while reducing pressure on hospitals and the NHS. Our development of the Ambulance Hub also marks an important milestone in Assura's strategic expansion into emerging opportunities. This builds on the success of our first Ambulance Hub in the West Midlands, as we unlock further value by entering new areas such as NHS trusts, diagnostic centres, and mental health services in the community. Using our Net Zero Carbon Design Guide, we are aiming for the site to be net zero carbon in operation - with all energy used at the site generated by on-site renewable energy in the form of over 1,000m2 of PV panels. Assura has long-term ambitions to be net zero carbon across our portfolio by 2040, helping to drive the UK's sustainability agenda."


Tom Abell, CEO of East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: "I am delighted to see work begin on the new hub at Bury St Edmunds, which will mean improved service for patients and modern, fit-for-purpose facilities for our teams. Staff will move from outdated stations to benefit from modern, fit-for-purpose facilities - including a gym and well-being facilities - and be better supported with on-site vehicle maintenance and preparation so ambulances are equipped and ready to go. The development of the central reporting hub will allow rapid and efficient preparation and deployment of our frontline teams to provide consistent high-quality care to our patients. Sustainability is vital to our organisation and I am very pleased that the hub will be the first of its kind in England to be net-zero."

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