ARGAN built net-zero distribution platform in Eslettes for DSV (FR)

ARGAN built net-zero distribution platform in Eslettes for DSV (FR)

ARGAN completed the development of a new distribution platform in Eslettes (76), near Rouen, after 10 months of construction work. The 4,600m2 building was built for DSV and is Aut0nom®-labelled, making it an "in-use Net Carbon Zero warehouse".



DSV is operating this platform through its DSV Road division, as part of a nine-year fixed-term lease. This is the second time that DSV and ARGAN – which already owns the Gennevilliers buildings where the DSV French headquarters are located – work together. DSV is a front-running international company, which delivers transportation and logistics services.



Particular attention was given to limiting the site’s carbon footprint. As it is Aut0nom® -labelled, the building is equipped with a rooftop photovoltaic powerplant together with energy storage batteries. This site thus produces its green energy, covering most of DSV's needs. The building’s heating and cooling are ensured by electric heat pumps and lighting by smart LED devices with presence and luminosity sensors. All this equipment helps drastically reduce CO2 emissions. The remaining part will be compensated for through a reforestation program, led in France. Altogether, the site will be Net Carbon Zero for the in-use phase.


Image source - Pexels.


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