API successfully launches its second Property Limited Partnership for High Net Worth Private Investo

Aberdeen Property Investors Continental Europe B.V. (“API”) has successfully sold all the units in its second Dutch limited partnership, named Renderend Bezit II C.V. (“LP”/”Partnership”), which is aimed at high net worth private investors in the Dutch commercial property market.

All the units in the €18.4 million Partnership were sold shortly after the LP was approved by the Dutch Financial Market Authority. The size of the units is €125,000. In June 2003 API launched its first Dutch limited partnership Renderend Bezit I C.V. which totals €11 million.

The Renderend Bezit II CV is a defensive portfolio, it contains three properties with an average residual lease term of 9.5 years and 26 tenants in the ‘food and beverage’ sector. The portfolio includes: a recently built shopping centre Rokade in the area Zuilen in Utrecht, a renovated industrial building in Hoofddorp, with a long lease term to Heineken Nederland, and a new turn-key industrial building in Haaften, close to the A2 and A15, long-term leased to Van Uden Food-express. The Partnership offers investors a high quality defensive investment with good quality tenants. The average cash on cash return per participant is expected to be 8% per year.

API will employ its knowledge and experience of institutional property investment for the benefit of high net worth private investors and is currently preparing a third Limited Partnership for Dutch investors.

Source: API

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