Annexum Invest plans to launch non-listed real estate fund

Annexum Invest will file for permission to launch a non-listed investment fund. The ´Vastgoed Fundament Fonds´ will serve as a vehicle for investments that are less suitable for inclusion in a trading partnership.

'We do find real estate objects that are interesting, but that do not have the charisma for a trading partnership. Apart from that we think it is wise to invest in a wide range of real estate.'explains CEO Huib Boussevain

The first emission has been planned for June this year. The price of the shares is estimated to be between 50 and 100 euro. The fund will be exclusively for private investors. 'We aim at a wider audience', says Boussevain. Even more so because he expects that even more real estate funds will disappear from the markets.

Investors in the fund need to be able to leave and enter the fund at will. Ïnternatlly we will establish a daily trading price. part of the capital will be invested in listed real estate. That provides us with the capital to buy bacjk shares if necessary.'

How big the fund will become, Boussevain cannot answer precisely. 'But it seems likely that we will have invested 100 million euro in bricks by the end of 2004.


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