Ilona Taillade, BrandSpots

Ilona Taillade is a Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of BrandSpots. BrandSpots is a full-service Pop-up solution provider that was launched on October 17 at the 6th Annual Retail Development Summit on Revival of In-store Shopping 2012 in Shanghai. Here Ilona Taillade talks about pop-ups and what they can offer to both property managers and retailers/brands.

Can you tell us a few things about your background and about BrandSpots?
I have over 13 years international (Sydney, London, Paris and Amsterdam) consulting and hands-on experience in building, launching and managing brands and I am also a passionate advocate for cross- media. I am the Executive Board member at Europe Real Estate (REP) which has given me valuable insight into the European commercial property market. Currently, I am creating the marketing strategy for BrandSpots, which was launched today at the 6th Annual Retail Development Summit on Revival of In-store Shopping 2012 in Shanghai.

BrandSpots is a full service Pop-up solution provider. Basically, it means we provide brands, retailers, advertising and media agencies with a one-stop pop-up solution to leasing temporary locations in Europe. We have four product ranges tailored to Pop-up shops, Outlet shops, Window displays and airport shops in all major city areas throughout Europe.

We provide an experiential marketing experience at the designated venue. For the property managers, to minimize retail vacancies we provide a solution to lease the vacant property and a way to increase footfall and a better customer experience by avoiding empty locations within the shopping center.

What are pop-up shops?
Pop-up retail shops are temporary stores at a designated venue, the purpose of which is to attract the consumer long enough with something exclusive, surprising and exciting, while the brand gets exposure to create an impact and communicate something specific to a large audience.
It can incorporate experiential and buzz marketing, contests, events and consumer PR, which offer commercial and communication opportunities for brands.

How does BrandSpots work for the shopping center and for the brand or retailer?
For the shopping center BrandSpots provides a valuable solution during difficult times, enabling the shopping center to create new formats and thereby attracting new tenants and simultaneously creating an uplift in footfall and a new revenue stream.

For the brand and retailer, pop-ups are a useful tool to interact and engage with their consumers in new ways in order to excite, entertain and to keep them interested. We work on the objective of the campaign or strategy and source the best locations and create the experiential marketing experience in the form of the ‘Pop-up’.

Where do you see your company in the next few years?
I believe that BrandSpots will be synonymous with pop-ups and retail experiential marketing worldwide.

Yes, we are very ambitious but we believe that we can make it happen as BrandSpots is unique and has a winning formula. It is a solution that changes how retail business is done today.

It’s a win-win for the property manager, retailer, brand and ultimately the consumer. The property managers minimize vacant spaces at the same time providing a better experience to the public and generating a higher footfall in the process. The retailers and brands can test new markets, formats and ways to present their products and services. We can even give young brands and designers an entry to top locations at affordable prices, without the long-term commitment.

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