Amsterdam Arch to become Amsterdam Symphony (NL)

Bouwfonds Property Development has adapted its design of one of its largest developments on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. This enables Bouwfonds to adjust to forecast the renter’s market more easily. The project Amsterdam Symphony (previously named Amsterdam Arch) will comprise 70,000 m², and in contrast to the earlier design consists of two separate towers. This way the project can be built in phases.

Compared to the earlier design, the number of square meters per function remains the same. Amsterdam Symphony will comprise approx. 35,000 m² of office space, approx. 15,000 m² of rental apartments, a five star hotel with approx. 220 rooms, an art cluster of approx. 3,000 m² and an underground parking garage of approx. 500 spaces.

According to Rob van den Broek of Bouwfonds Property Development, the changes have been based on market information. The diversity of the future users and their own identities were the foremost reasons to change the concept. That’s why the design of one single building with several functions was changed to three separate buildings with one main function per building. As a result, the Symphony will consist of an office building, a hotel and a residential tower.

Because Amsterdam Symphony now consists of separate buildings, the project can be built in phases. Van den Broek: “This phasing is also important in order to realize the project. But despite these adaptations the ambition level of the original design has not been altered.” According to Bouwfonds and the Municipality, building could start this year.

Source: PropertyNL

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