Amsterdam Airport Schiphol posts substantial increase in November passenger and cargo volume

In November 2002 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol welcomed 8.9% more passengers than in the previous month last year, i.e. over 2.9 million. The significant increase can be attributed to the fall in passenger transport in the wake of September 11, 2001. Passenger volume saw a 1.2% decline compared with the year 2000.

Intercontinental transport and the low cost segment account mainly for the sharp increase in passenger transport in November. Intercontinental transport rose 25.3% over last year following the September 11 tragedy; the strongest growth was seen in transport to and from North America. Substantial growth (+27.2%) was also achieved in the low cost segment with two new low cost carriers starting operations from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Cargo Transport
In November 2002 cargo transport increased 10.6% to 118,098 tons compared with November 2001. This reflects a new monthly record*. The jump can be primarily attributed to the 11.1% increase in the number of cargo flights operating from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol over last year. Cargo transport to and from the Middle East increased 29.9%, reflecting the sharpest growth. Substantial cargo volume from this region accounts largely for the increase. Intercontinental transport to and from the U.S.A. also saw significant growth, i.e. 18.6%. In addition to AmsterdamAirport Schiphol, its major European competitors also saw substantial increases in cargo transport.

Air Transport Movements
The number of air transport movements rose 2.0% in November 2002 to 31,670. On average, aircraft using Amsterdam Airport Schiphol were larger. Average Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) increased 6.8% over 2001 to 94.4 tons.

November punctuality was adversely affected by a number of (extremely) foggy days and strong winds. Arrival punctuality however saw a 1.8 percentage point increase over last year, reflecting a figure of 81.0%. Departure punctuality remained virtually unchanged at 72.0%.

(source: Schiphol Group)

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