Ambitious Grolsch Mekkelholt Development plan approved by the city authorities (NL)

In recent months, ING Real Estate Development, the Enschede Municipality and the Volion and Domijn local housing corporations have worked together to draw up a redevelopment plan for the former Grolsch Site and the adjacent area where the Mekkelholt shopping centre is located. The plan has now been approved by the city authorities.

Relevant organisations, shopkeepers and local inhabitants have also had the opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter. The city authorities subsequently approved the development plan for Grolsch-Mekkelholt on November 2nd. The combination of the proposed various functions and facilities on the six hectare site will inject a new vibrancy into Roombeek and Enschede and will attract people to come to live and work, thereby bringing the area to life for 16 hours a day. The mission of ‘Breathing new life back into the brewery’ must become a reality. The Grolsch Site will shortly be developed into a gleaming complex containing a new shopping centre, various enterprises, apartments, residential dwellings and a range of other facilities. The development programme is ambitious both in terms of scale and quality, and includes 4,800 m² of retail space (which could be supported by an additional 2,000 m² for thematic shopping), 10,000 m² of facilities to include catering establishments and services, 40,000 m² of office space, 120 apartments, 33 housing plots and an above ground indoor car park. The development is expected to contribute significantly to the economic growth of Enschede and to provide new employment opportunities in both the health care and technology and the culture and technology sectors. The redevelopment of the Grolsch Site will turn the Roomweg into the liveliest street in Roombeek. Various shops, enterprises, and catering establishments (etc) will be housed on the west side, augmented by a cluster of cultural and health and social care facilities and other services toward the centre.

Forthcoming activities
An open house afternoon will be held toward the end of November, allowing interested parties and members of the public to examine the preliminary drawings and model. The date for the event will be announced at a later stage. The details of the development plan are currently being incorporated into the zoning plan. The consultation exercise will start in early 2005 and construction activities are due to commence in the autumn of 2006.

The site has been divided into sections, each of which will be developed separately. The most southern section, situated along the Roomweg, will accommodate the shopping centre, various facilities, 5,000 m² of office space, apartments and the car park. ING Real Estate Development will develop this section. ING will also take over the office building of the Telematica Institute, still currently owned by the Municipality. The new shopping centre is expected to open during 2008. During the same year work will begin on gradually phasing out the existing premises at Mekkelholt, and the demolition and rebuilding of the premises will commence in 2013. The northern section of the area will be developed by the Municipality to provide 25,000 m² of high quality office space and 33 housing plots. It is anticipated that the Municipality will start allocating these plots in 2007.

Source: ING Real Estate

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