AM Wonen and Amvest selected for development of Geertruidapolder in Bergen op Zoom.

The Municipal Executive of Bergen op Zoon has selected AM Wonen (formerly Amstelland Ontwikkeling Wonen) and Amvest for the redevelopment of the Geertruidapolder in the city centre area. This involves the development of some 2,700 homes with an investment level of around € 550 million. The municipal authority included six major project developers in the selection procedure.

In their first planning concept, entitled ‘Bergse Haven’, AM Wonen and Amvest put flesh on the bones of the municipal authority’s desire to restore the relationship between the city and the water, and to strengthen the city’s spatial, economic, social and ecological structure. Together with the municipal authority, the two companies will conduct a feasibility study, which will take about a year to complete. The parties are aiming for a public-private partnership.

The unique location of the Geertruidapolder, at the waterside and on the edge of the historic inner city area, has great potential as a residential area. The parties intend to create a living environment that is distinct from the existing residential areas in Bergen op Zoom. With a view to strengthening the spatial, economic and social structure, the housing programme will be aimed at target groups both within and beyond Bergen op Zoom.
For the time being, AM Wonen and Amvest expect the development to involve some 2,700 homes, including owner-occupied and low-rent units. A yachting marina will also be built in the Geertruidapolder.

Study phase
The study phase, which begins when the parties sign a declaration of intent, will include the preparation of a master plan covering issues such as aesthetic quality, urban development, architecture and phasing in more detail. The municipal authority is conducting talks with Nedalco, the present ´occupant´ of a substantial part of the Geertruidapolder, on the acquisition of land and buildings.

Source: AM

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