AM signs contract for multiplex cinema in Amersfoort (NL)

AM Vastgoed, the commercial real estate developer within AM in the Netherlands, has signed a contract with Minerva Bioscopen for the Eemcentrum scheme in Amersfoort. Minerva is to lease and operate a multiplex cinema forming part of the centre which is projected to feature eight screens and seat up to 2,300.

The cinema will have a total floor area of approximately 5,400 m2 on three levels, including a ground floor with an imposing entrance on the main square. A cinema bar and restaurant is also planned for the ground floor. Minerva Bioscopen is one of the largest cinema operators in the Netherlands, with 12 cinemas at locations across the country.

In the Eemcentrum scheme, AM Vastgoed is developing a project with a unique mix of offices, residential units and shops as well as leisure and cultural facilities. The project represents an investment of around €120 million. The total programme of approximately 65,000 m2 will accommodate a wide variety of functions, including a library, a pop concert venue, art schools, a fitness centre a discotheque and a cinema, combined with other facilities such as a supermarket and central services. Also included will be approximately 140 apartments, further residential units intended specifically for young people, specialist shops and bars and restaurants plus parking for approximately 800 cars.

Forming the centrepiece of the scheme is an exceptionally attractive square running gently down to the edge of the River Eem. The Amersfoort Municipal Authority has already embarked on a project to revitalise the riverbank area, turning it into an attractive place to be, complete with a mooring basin for pleasure boats navigating the Eem with a footpath leading directly into the town centre. The Eemcentrum will confirm the status of the area as a new, attractive place to be.

AM Vastgoed is responsible for the development of the entire Eemcentrum programme with the exception of the library, pop venue and art schools. The Amersfoort Municipal Authority will be developing these functions independently on a concurrent basis. Construction work on the Eemcentrum is expected to commence in the autumn of 2006.

The concept for the Eemcentrum has been produced by Bolles + Wilson, of Munster (Germany), in consultation with T + T Design, of Gouda. A group of seven architects under the supervision of Peter Wilson will be responsible for the detail design of the buildings and the square.

Source: AM

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