AM sells Volme-Galerie in Hagen to SEB

AM NV (Amstelland MDC) and SEB Immobilien-Investment GmbH have signed the contract for the purchase of the Volme-Galerie in Hagen. This multifunctional inner city project will be incorporated in SEB Immolnvest, the company´s commercial property investment fund. Appr. € 100 million was invested in this development. The Volme-Galerie is the third multi-functional inner city development to be completed by AM in Germany.

The Volme-Galerie boasts a total of 26,000 m² of retail and residential floor space. It consists of 60 shops that offer an attractive mix of products, several restaurants and bars and 850 parking spaces. The Galerie, which was opened at the end of April this year, is situated on the central Friedrich-Ebert Square in Hagen, which has been turned into a pedestrian zone and is partially closed to traffic. The towering glass facade of the light and spacious entrance hall blends harmoniously with the historic Town Hall tower and creates a new and striking landmark in the town centre. The solitary Stadtfenster“ building, which was part of the development and lies diagonally opposite the entrance hall to the Galerie, was opened earlier in October 2002 and houses offices, catering facilities and the „New Yorker“, a clothing outlet for the young and trendy. Inside the Volme Galerie, the shops are located on two floors under a spectacular curved glass roof.

AM´s team of architects, the in-house T+T Design and the Portuguese team of interior designers from „Graphos“ based their design concepts on a common theme of „Light and Water“. Light, to create a contrasting ´highlight´ to the post-war architecture of central Hagen, and Water, to create an architectural link to the nearby Volme, the river that flows through Hagen. The combination of the historic Town Hall tower, the solitary „Stadtfenster“ building and the Volme-Galerie forms a harmonious ensemble around the Friedrich-Ebert Square, which complements and blends in perfectly with the existing shopping facilities in the surrounding area.

Source: AM

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