AM sells French shopping centre to Bail Investissement

AM (formerly Amstelland MDC) and Bail Investissement have closed the sale and purchase of the shopping centre Les Quatre Chemins in France. The total investment value of this project is approximately € 31,5 million.

Les Quatre Chemins is located in the heart of the historic city of Vichy. The site formerly was a military hospital which is partially included in the concept. The shopping centre includes 20,000 m2 of retail and a casino and a multiplex cinema both operated by the Group Partouche, as well as 700 m2 of office space. The development also includes 40 apartments which have been sold to private end users. The 23 shops of the centre opened in April 2002.

Les Quatre Chemins was designed by T+T Design, the in-house architects of AM, and BDP Groupe 6. Addvim Asset Management (ISM Group) acted for Bail Investissement who purchased the investment.

Source: AM

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