AM (Amstelland MDC N.V.) completes its third Shopping Centre in Germany

AM (Amstelland MDC/Multi Development Corporation Deutschland GmbH) opened the Volme-Galerie multifunctional shopping centre on 25 April, 2003: a 26,000 m2 shopping area made up of 60 retail outlets, catering facilities offering a wide range of foods and 850 parking spaces. At a total investment cost of 120 million Euro Volme-Galerie is AM’s third multifunctional inner city project in Germany.

Opening the Volme-Galerie the Mayor of Hagen, Mr. Wilfried Horn, said: 'This is a happy day for us in Hagen! Thanks to this new shopping centre Hagen will once more play an important part within the surrounding region, at the same time restoring an important link with the past. It represents a major incentive in drawing the public and buying power to the centre of the town.”

The Project
The Volme-Galerie is situated on the central Friedrich-Ebert Square. The adjacent 'Stadtfenster“ building was opened in October, 2002, to provide office space, catering facilities and the New Yorker clothing outlet. The combination of Volme-Galerie with the historic Town Hall Tower right next to a bright glass entrance area creates a striking landmark for the town. The retails outlets are arranged on two floors along a covered shopping street. Friedrich-Ebert Square is being newly pedestrianised and together with the new surrounding building complex forms a harmonious entity, blending in well with the existing shopping area. The concept originates from AM’s associated design team, T+T Design of Gouda, whereas Graphos Arquitectos from Portugal undertook the interior design. The architectural concept was based on 'Light and Water'. Light - to contrast the post-war building style of central Hagen with a sparkling highlight, and Water - to reflect the close connection with the nearby Volme, the river flowing through Hagen, in the chosen architectural style.

Source: AM

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