Aareal Bank to launch pan-european fund for logistical real estate

Aareal Bank will launch the Aareal Eurologistics Fund in the second half of this year. It will be a closed fund for logistical real estate. The fund will have a maximum value of € 500 mln and will invest in distribution centres in The Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Ireland. Aareal is especially looking for institutional organisation to invest in the fund.

The Aareal EurologisticsFund will be the third real estate fund by Aareal Bank since the launch of Aareal Europe Fund #1 in 1999 valued € 500 mln in shopping centres and offices in Italy and France and the Aareal Italy Fund, valued € 600 mln in Italian real estate. All funds are managed by Aareal Property Services, with offices in Amsterdam and Milan.

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