Aareal Bank to create new real estate investment banking arm

Aareal Bank significantly expands its structured property financing activities.

Aareal Bank is assembling a team of seasoned investment bankers around Marc Bajer. This team will serve European clients, supporting them in the management and execution of securitisations and other structured property financing transactions. In addition to executing such transactions they will develop further products in real estate investment banking. Whereas the new venture will benefit from Aareal Bank’s competence in international property and debt markets, the new business will operate as an independent entity.

Ralph Hill, Board Member of Aareal Bank stated “Aareal Bank’s existing securitisation team has successfully securitised € 6.5 billion of our own real estate loans and will continue to provide a substantial deal flow. We are very excited that this group of experienced property investment bankers will enhance our existing capabilities to provide services to clients outside Aareal Bank Group.”

Source: Aareal Bank AG

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