Aareal Bank strengthens its branch in Denmark (DE)

Aareal Bank strengthens its Denmark business within the branch and sales management. Thyge C. D. Hansen (49) recently became General Manager of the Flensburg / Denmark branch, additional to Joachim Ostendorf but based in Aareal Bank’s Copenhagen branch.

He looks back on a long career within the Danish real estate business filled with numerous management positions in different financial institutes such as the Danske Bank Group and Nykredit. His previous position was within the Danish real estate group Jeudan.

Thoben Hartz (38) coordinates the greater Copenhagen area’s sales activities with immediate effect. He previously worked for leading banks both in Denmark and Germany within the property finance business.

Aareal Bank has been active in Denmark since 1992, managing a credit volume of almost € 1 billion, more than € 3 billion throughout Scandinavia. The bank is present in 13 European countries, in the US and in Singapore and provides property financing solutions in 22 countries.

Source: Aareal Bank

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